This book provides users with some common workflows for performing groundwater recharge modeling. This book will teach you how to use the rechaRge R package (Dubois and Marcon 2024). This material serves as an online companion for the manuscript “Simulation of long-term spatiotemporal variations in regional-scale groundwater recharge: contributions of a water budget approach in cold and humid climates” (Dubois et al. 2021).

HydroBudget (HB) is a spatially distributed groundwater recharge (GWR) model that computes a superficial water budget on grid cells of regional-scale watersheds with outputs aggregated into monthly time steps and with limited computational time. The model is open-source and was coded in R. This rechaRge R package is the result of the effort to make this code reusable and extensible.

This book is organized into different parts. In the Introduction, we provide practical information about the rechaRge R package. The Simulation part focuses on the HydroBudget model that comes with the R package, and how to use the rechaRgefunctions to run simulations, then save and visualize the results. The Calibration and Sensitivity part explores the usage of the sensitivity and of the caRamel R packages to find and evaluate the “best” sets of model parameters. Finally, the Extensibility section highlights how the generic functions of the rechaRge R package can be applied to a different groundwater recharge model.


Dubois, E., M. Larocque, S. Gagné, and G. Meyzonnat. 2021. “Simulation of Long-Term Spatiotemporal Variations in Regional-Scale Groundwater Recharge: Contributions of a Water Budget Approach in Cold and Humid Climates.” Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 25 (12): 6567–89. https://doi.org/10.5194/hess-25-6567-2021.
Dubois, E., and Y. Marcon. 2024. rechaRge: Groundwater Recharge Model. https://github.com/gwrecharge/rechaRge/.